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An Overview of IGNOU MA Psychology (MAPC) Programme Structure

The School of Social Sciences (SOSS), IGNOU, offers an M. A. (Psychology) degree programme. In recent years, Master’s degrees in psychology have been in high demand in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals (private and public), voluntary welfare agencies, and correctional institutions, as well as industrial and corporate sectors. Psychology encompasses a vast range of disciplines, including therapeutic, educational, and organisational settings, as well as sports, military, criminal, and forensic psychology. After earning a master’s degree in psychology, one can pursue careers in teaching and research. Additionally, the degree will benefit an individual in a variety of application-oriented industries.

Fee Structure and Payment Schedule:

Rs. 8000/- during the first year (Along with the admission form)

Rs. 7800/- for the second year (Along with prescribed Re-registration Form)

Forms for admission and re-registration must be submitted online. The Regional Centre may be contacted for Offline admission. For regular updates, please visit www.ignou.ac.in. The university reserves the right to adjust the course fee, which shall be payable by the learner in accordance with the payment schedule indicated by the institution.

The programme fee shall be paid solely by demand draught made payable to IGNOU in the city in where the learner’s regional centre is located. Please refer to the list at the end of the programming guide to determine your Regional Center. Please ensure that the reverse of your demand draught includes your name (in capital letters), enrolment number, programme code, and the term for which the fee is being paid to ensure accurate credit to your fee account.

The learner is responsible for timely payment of programme costs. Learners are expected to submit fees as soon as feasible and not wait until the deadline. No exceptions will be made for late payments. If the student does not submit the fee by the deadline specified above, he or she will be required to wait until the following admission period.

Keeping the foregoing in mind and IGNOU’s commitment to providing affordable quality education to those who have missed opportunities for further studies for one reason or another, the present programme caters to a diverse clientele, including recent graduates, those seeking to enter the workforce, and those already employed but lacking a Master’s degree in psychology.

The purpose of this programme is to provide learners with a solid foundation in psychology and human behaviour through an in-depth examination of a variety of psychological techniques and abilities applied to a variety of situations.


According to the university’s overall philosophy of ‘openness’ and ‘flexibility’ with regard to admission criteria, all applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree in any area are eligible for admission to the M.A. programme in Psychology. There is no entrance examination.


The programme can be completed in as little as two years and as much as five years.

Instructional Medium

The M.A. Psychology programme is offered in English.

IGNOU adheres to the credit system. A learner must successfully complete 64 credits of course work in order to achieve the M.A. Psychology degree. These credits are spread out over a two-year period. Each year, the student must choose 32 credits. One credit equates to thirty hours of study by the student. For instance, a student will need around 240 hours of study to finish an eight-credit course.

Is it possible to Download IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf at free of cost?

The IGNOU University provides Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) for all IGNOU MAPC courses in the form of a PDF booklet. Students can access and update the assignment booklets for the January and July sessions on the official IGNOU website for free.

Last Date of IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf Submission

Students registered in the January session must submit completed assignments by October 31st to be eligible to take the December Term End Exams.

Students registered for the July session must submit completed assignments by April 30th in order to sit for the June Term End Exams.

How to Download IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf?

We’ve simplified your job by centralising all completed assignments on one platform, where students can access them all at once. Students are urged to use this website to acquire their IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf immediately.

You don’t need to look anywhere else on the internet because this list contains everything you need to know about IGNOU MAPC Assignments. Students can easily download IGNOU MAPC Solved Assignments and use them whenever they are required to, independent of their location of study.

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Writing Guidelines for IGNOU MA Psychology Assignments

Students can utilise our IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf to have a better grasp of how to approach assignments, in addition to the advice listed below.

1) Review the IGNOU Study Materials before to beginning.

Prior to beginning, thoroughly analyse IGNOU research resources, as well as our IGNOU MAPC Help books and solved assignments, to ensure that you understand exactly how to write for a decent grade.

2) Minimize the use of the cover page.

Use no fancy borders or graphics on the cover tab. The top right corner should have the student’s name, enrollment number, complete address, and date, with the title, assignment number, and study centre name in the centre of the screen.

3) Complete all assignments independently.

The assignment is written entirely by hand. Should not utilise a word processor or copied and pasted materials. Assigning jobs to people who write programmes or to others is not a smart idea.

4) Complete projects in a timely manner

It is vital that you complete the job, carefully evaluate it for content and language, and, if feasible, rewrite pages without crossing out or correcting any chapters, phrases, or sentences. Above all, ensure that the assignment is completed and delivered on time, at least a week before the deadline.

5) Use white A4-size paper.

It is recommended that you write on one side of high-quality A4 white paper, providing adequate margins on the left, right, bottom, and top of the pages to accommodate page numbers.

6) Include an answer on the front page.

On the first page of each answer, jot down the relevant question number.

7) Maximize the effectiveness of your handwriting

It can be tiresome and time-consuming, but it is recommended to write slowly and carefully in the best handwriting possible. It must be readable.

8) The response’s magnitude

According to the examiners, each question should have a four- or five-page response. To organise the response, brief paragraphs and even sub-headings can be employed.

Importance of IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf

The IGNOU MAPC Assignment’s primary objective is to test your comprehension of the university’s instructional materials and to aid you in successfully completing the courses. The evaluators/academic counsellors correct the tasks and return them to you with their comments and grades. The input will assist you in conducting your research and assisting you in improving it. As a result, you must get both the assessed TMA and a copy of the evaluation sheet containing the evaluator’s remark on your results.

To complete the IGNOU MAPC Assignment, the written course materials should suffice. Additionally, do not be anxious about a lack of supplementary reading materials for completing the assignments. You may, however, use our reference books and our IGNOU MA Psychology Solved Assignments Pdf.

The tasks are intended to assist you in concentrating on the course subject while also allowing you to draw on your work experience.

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