IGNOU MPCE 14 Practical File (ONLINE Conduction) IGNOU MAPC Practical (MA Clinical Psychology 2nd Year) Soft-Copy Product-1


IGNOU MPCE 14 Practical (Online Conduction) (MA Clinical Psychology 2nd Year)

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Product Description

Solved IGNOU MPCE 014 Practical File (ONLINE Conduction) (MA Clinical Psychology)

Following are the the activities/ tests included in this MPCE 014 practical file pdf;

1. Big Five Personality Test (

The above link is related to the Personality test based on Five-Factor Model. It is for educational purpose and to learn about personality assessment. The test will be administered first on self and then on one of the family members/acquaintance/friends/neighbor/colleagues. Self-administration is for your practice and to get acquainted with the test. While administering on self, you need to read the instructions carefully as mentioned in the test. When you administer the test on someone else, remember first to establish rapport and communicate that the responses will be kept confidential. Instructions will be given to the participant as mentioned in the test. The scores will be
interpreted as per the norms indicated against the test.
Once the test is completed, you need to prepare a report based on the test administration. The report needs to be typed in word document. The test administered needs to be enclosed
in the document. Follow the format for report preparation as has been mentioned in the Handbook. You may adapt to the present context wherever it is required, but overall refer to the format in the handbook (sequence to be followed).


Visit the above link related to Rorschach Inkblot Test. The link provides information about the ethical and professional use of Rorschach Inkblot Test. The link also has a 5-minute video clip about the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Read the content and watch the video clip carefully. Summarize the content in your own words and reflect on a case where it can be used as a stand-alone test or if it can be used with other tests to diagnose the symptoms (state your argument for both the conditions). In either case, the content should not be taken from the online material or your self-learning material verbatim. Type the summary and case where the test can be used in your own words.

3. You are aware that mental disorders are diagnosed with the help of DSM and ICD criteria. DSM-IV- TR is also mentioned in your self-learning material. DSM-5 was published by American Psychiatric Association in 2013. Now with the help of online or offline resources, discuss and figure out the key changes that have been made in DSM-5. The content should be coherently organized and not to be copied from any source.


Visit the above link for National Mental Health Survey of India 2015-16. Summarize the key findings obtained by the survey with respect to mental disorders. Type the content and organize it coherently.

5. Consider the following hypothetical case of Jai, a 30-year old man. He was brought to you (you as a counsellor) by his wife for psychological treatment.

Jai is a 30 year-old man who was working in the army and who was discharged of his duty in 2018, after serving his term in Afghanistan. His wife reported that since he returned from the posting, he has not been ‘his original self’. And this has impacted their relationship also. Jai reports that he has difficulty in sleeping and when he sleeps, he has nightmares. He further says that he has undergone many traumatic and distressing experiences in his last posting which he is not sure of sharing it with anyone. He is irritable and spends his time alone. He becomes startled easily. In his present job, he is not able to perform his duties properly. He has vivid and intrusive memories of the traumatic experiences that he had which he declines to share with anyone and neither wants to meet anyone that reminds him of the experiences.

a) Identify the disorder and its symptoms.
b) What will you suggest for the psychological treatment for such disorder?

All the above five tests/activities need to be reported in one file (typed in word document) with proper Title page and Table of Contents mentioning the page numbers.

MPCE-14 is designed to provide students with hands-on exposure in psychological examination and assessment as part of the Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPC) program offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

The MPCE-14 practical course is a supervised program that requires students to complete a series of psychological testing and assessment-related practical exercises. These tasks involve administering and evaluating a variety of psychological tests, including cognitive tests, personality tests, and projective tests.

The purpose of the practical exercises is to help students develop their ability to administer, score, and interpret psychological examinations. In addition to keeping a record of their practical work, students are required to submit a final report.

The MPCE-14 practical course provides students with numerous benefits, including practical experience, enhanced comprehension of psychological testing and assessment, and the growth of professional skills. In addition, it prepares students for careers in the field of psychology by giving them hands-on experience with psychological evaluations.

Overall, MPCE-14 is a valuable component of the MAPC program, providing students with practical experience and preparing them for a successful career in psychology.



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