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IGNOU MPCE 14 Practical (MA Clinical Psychology 2nd Year)

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Course: MPCE 14


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Product Description

MPCE-14 is designed to provide students with hands-on exposure in psychological examination and assessment as part of the Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPC) program offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

The MPCE-14 practical course is a supervised program that requires students to complete a series of psychological testing and assessment-related practical exercises. These tasks involve administering and evaluating a variety of psychological tests, including cognitive tests, personality tests, and projective tests.

The purpose of the practical exercises is to help students develop their ability to administer, score, and interpret psychological examinations. In addition to keeping a record of their practical work, students are required to submit a final report.

The MPCE-14 practical course provides students with numerous benefits, including practical experience, enhanced comprehension of psychological testing and assessment, and the growth of professional skills. In addition, it prepares students for careers in the field of psychology by giving them hands-on experience with psychological evaluations.

Overall, MPCE-14 is a valuable component of the MAPC program, providing students with practical experience and preparing them for a successful career in psychology.

We have exclusively designed an IGNOU MPCE-14 practical for your help and convenience. You will get each detail about the topics of MPCE-14 practical.

MPCE 014: Practicum in Clinical Psychology
You will get the following practicals;

  1. Sentence Completion Test (SCT)
  2. TAT
  3. Rorschach Inkblot Test
  4. Neuropsychological Test (AIIMS Neuropsychological Battery) 
  5. Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI)





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