Downloading the IGNOU MAPC Study Material is as easy as you would think. The IGNOU MAPC Study Material can be found on the egyankosh website. You can obtain free IGNOU MAPC Study Material by visiting

Students at Indira Gandhi National Open University will prepare for the MAPC exam by using IGNOU’s online research materials. The university has halted offline delivery of research materials due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can also view the research materials by downloading the IGNOU e-content app from the Google Play Store. The IGNOU MAPC Study material can be obtained by aspirants from the e-Gyankosh official website. The research materials are all in PDF format. Students will benefit from the research materials in order to do well on the test.

How to Get IGNOU MAPC Study Material Online?

The research materials are available online for aspirants. Aspirants will easily access free research material that will help them prepare for the test. To download the IGNOU MAPC Study Material, follow the steps below.

1. Registration Form

To access or download IGNOU MAPC Study Material, please register at

Select a login form and press the GO button>.

Complete Your Form.

Then go to to log in.

2. After registering and signing in, complete the following steps to view/download IGNOU research content.

Inside the archive search box (Top Left Corner)

Click Enter after entering a Course Code like MPC 1, a Course Name, or a Relevant Keyword.

Tap on the course code or name to open or import it (under Community hits)

Tap on the necessary blocks to choose them.

Click on the relevant links (under List of Items)

Tap the ‘View/Open’ tab to view or archive the study material.

What are the Benefits of IGNOU MAPC Study Material?

1. Students who select soft or interactive books as their study material will get a 15% fee discount.

2. All aspirants, regardless of location, have access to the study content.

3. Students can use interactive books to prepare for the test.

4. Whether or not you have taken their classes, you can use their research materials for free.

Direct Link to Download IGNOU MAPC Study Material

First Year

IGNOU MPC 1: Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory

IGNOU MPC 2: Life Span Psychology

IGNOU MPC 3: Personality: Theories and Assessment

IGNOU MPC 4: Advanced Social Psychology.

IGNOU MPC 5: Research Methods

IGNOU MPC 6: Statistics in Psychology

IGNOU MPCL 7: Practicum in Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing

Second Year

Group A: Clinical Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 11: Psychopathology

IGNOU MPCE 12: Psychodiagnostics

IGNOU MPCE 13: Psychotherapeutic methods

IGNOU MPCE 14: Practicum in Clinical Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 15: Internship

IGNOU MPCE 16: Project

Group B: Counselling Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 21: Counseling Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 22: Assessment in Counselling and Guidance

IGNOU MPCE 23: Interventions in Counselling

IGNOU MPCE 24: Practicum in Counselling Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 25: Internship

IGNOU MPCE 26: Project

Group C: Industrial Psychology

IGNOU MPCE 31: Organisational Behaviour

IGNOU MPCE 32: Human Resource Development (HRD)

IGNOU MPCE 33: Organisational Development (OD)

IGNOU MPCE 34: Practicum in Organisational Behaviour

IGNOU MPCE 35: Internship

IGNOU MPCE 36: Project

An Overview of IGNOU MA Psychology Course

The School of Social Sciences (SOSS), IGNOU, offers the MA Psychology degree programme. A Master’s Degree in Psychology has recently been in high demand in many colleges, hospitals (both private and public), voluntary health organisations, and correctional institutions, as well as the manufacturing and business industries. Psychology has a wide range of applications, from health, instructional, and organisational settings, as well as athletic, military, crime, and forensic settings. After earning a Master’s degree in Psychology, one may pursue careers in teaching and science. Furthermore, the degree can benefit a person in a variety of application-oriented fields.

Fee Structure and Payment Schedule:

Rs. 8000/- for the first year (Along with the admission form)

Rs. 7800/- for the second year (along with the prescribed Re-registration Form)

The aim of this IGNOU MA Psychology Course is to provide learners with a solid foundation of psychology and human behaviour through an in-depth investigation of a wide variety of psychological approaches and skills as applied to various environments.

Eligibility to get admission in IGNOU MA Psychology Course

According to the university’s general policy of “openness” and “flexibility” in terms of qualifying requirements, all graduates from either discipline are eligible for entry to the MA Psychology programme. There is no entrance exam.


The course can be done in as little as 2 years and as much as 5 years.

Instructional Medium

The IGNOU MA Psychology Program is offered in English Medium.

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